A profession that has lasted for milennia, mankind has always needed someone to get something from point A to point B; regardless of the distance. You pay enough, and someone will get it here or there, despite the dangers that may lie between. This is the courier.

These days, a courier wouldn’t risk going alone, often working with a tight-knit team of scientists, engineers, and mercenaries to ensure delivery is not just efficient, but effectively in one piece by the time the job is done.

Some couriers have no home and simply fly from one place to another, finding work where they can while trying to avoid seedy jobs that could land them in a brig. The ones that are fortunate enough find a base of operations, run by a local chief of operations who’ll pay fairly and steadily. Some work exclusively for a government, agency, or trade guild. Others choose to take to the spaceways on their own.

GM note: for the time being, courier isn’t so much a class as it is a profession. We could outline rules for different interpretations of what that looks like across rule systems if we find it necessary. One article found centered on the Midgard Campaign Setting fits much of the same feel as what I was going for here.


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