Working Title
Port of Cadence

Mixture of elements incorporating White Star, X-plorers, Cypher System, and Pathfinder

Science fantasy, Space opera

Follows exploits of a team of couriers living life amidst all sorts of scum and villainy in a galaxy unlike our own. Ships sail through space and some beings have the potential to cross to other planes. This is all still being fleshed out and subject to change, depending on research and the GM running the adventure. But it all starts at an up and coming station: the Port of Cadence.

Estimated Launch
circa ~ Fall 2018, after I receive Numenera: Discovery & Destiny. This is among a handful of possible campaigns I’m letting simmer until after the completion of my current campaign, Pathfinder Resplendence.

Miscellaneous Notes
Likely sandboxy and light. This is all in early planning stage and may never take off but I wanted to park it here anyways and let it incubate.

This is an unordered list of works that we’re finding either asthetic or setting inspiration from: Firefly/Serenity, Cowboy Bebop, Last Exile, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Citizen, Man of Steel’s depiction of Krypton, Treasure Planet, Numenera, The Strange, White Star, and Star Wars.

Port of Cadence

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